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270 Bramford Road Ipswich Suffolk IP1 4AY

Church Services 

Bramford Road Methodist Church

Service details for October:

Sunday 18th October at 11:00 Digital Service

Sunday 25th October at 11:00 (Church Anniversary & Gift Day)

with Mr Roger Theobald

Please refer to the following Guidance Notes on attending these services.

Our Sunday worship recommenced on September 6th.

We must continue to adhere to strict government and Methodist Church guidelines, 

There will be no drinks available and the kitchen should remain out of bounds, except for the preparation of communion and washing up afterwards.

If people need water, please bring your own.

Entry will be through the door at the car park end of the building, there will be no entry through the front doors on Bramford Road, sorry.  We will leave the building through the front doors on Bramford Road.  

Masks will need to be worn by everybody whilst inside the building.  The exception is people who are reading, or speaking from the front, the mask can then be removed for the benefit of those with hearing problems, but the mask should be replaced when not speaking please.

Names and contact details of all attendees will be recorded on arrival and hands will be sanitised. Seats will be placed in line with social distancing rule, please do not move them.

The service will last for around thirty to forty minutes.  There will be no hymn singing. Conversation must be held outside only.

Hands will need to be re-sanitised on leaving the building. Only the wide access toilet will be open at Bramford Road.

Irritating as some of these rules may feel to be, please bear in mind that they are in place to protect the most vulnerable people in our Church communities.

Many thanks for your loving care.