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Dear friends,

Many thanks to everybody who has been in touch regarding worship during December and a particular thank you to those spent their valuable time ringing around Church members canvassing an opinion.  It is disappointing that we are not able to meet in person during Advent and over Christmas, but this does not mean in any way that the Church is closed, we are simply working in different ways.  There is light at the end of the tunnel with the government announcing that the Pfizer Covid vaccine will start to be rolled out during the coming week and further vaccines are promised.  As local Churches and as a Circuit, we are working hard to ensure that the Christmas message is heard.

Zoom Worship:

Some Churches are already offering Zoom worship, and this will start to roll out to other churches during the coming weeks.  Elmsett have been using this style now for three weeks and the link is on their notices, Knodishall are having their first Zoom worship this coming Sunday 6th December and there will be the Circuit Zoom Carol service at 4pm on Sunday 13th December.  I have enclosed the carols for that service and a link to get in.  Please contact me, if you are not sure how to do this and I will help you.  We will also be publicising a telephone number for this service for those who don’t have a computer, so that people can dial in and listen, I will let you know the number as soon as I have it, we have a licence for five hundred people, so let’s see how many people we can get, so that as a Circuit we can worship together.


We have put a new page on the circuit Website titled “Advent” and there will be new resources going on every day, in addition to our regular “thought for the day” we are including the District and connexional campaigns for Advent and Christmas, please take a few moments each day and have a look, there is some really excellent material there.

For those without Computers:

Of course, we know that while we live in a digital age, there are a lot of you who don’t have access to these opportunities and some of you will find the coming weeks very difficult.  We will continue with our weekly mailing and can always offer services on DVD, so if you have a DVD player, you can watch on your television at home, please get in touch with either me, or one of the stewards in your Church.

For the community:

I am already impressed by some of the creative expressions happening in the different Churches as we prepare Christmas displays, respond to those in need in our communities, work with the other denominations and make the most of every opportunity God gives us.

Many thanks for all you do to serve God and serve the community this Christmas time.

May God bless you. Derek