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270 Bramford Road Ipswich Suffolk IP1 4AY


270 Bramford Road Ipswich Suffolk IP1 4AY


 Dear friends,

If I can just bring you up to date with a few issues, please.  As you know, I have been struggling since last Autumn with my health, I am due back at hospital on Monday morning for laser eye treatment, the hope is that so long as I can cope with the treatment in one go, it should all be completed on Monday morning and after a period of recovery, I should be back to normal, so if you can please bear in mind that I will be out of action on Monday and will be taking the day as a day’s holiday.  Secondly, having struggled with anaemia since last Autumn, I have at last been prescribed medication that should sort things out, so my hope is that I should be back to normal within a couple of weeks.  I apologise for not being at my best for the last few months and thank you very much for your patience while I have been struggling.

Please also bear in mind that my colleague Rev Martin Dawes will be on Sabbatical from the end of March for three months. Hopefully, you won’t see much difference, because Martin has been working with a reduced workload since last summer and I have been supporting some of his Churches during the last six months, but as the nation starts to emerge from the current lockdown, I anticipate having to lead at least two of Martin’s Churches through the process of getting things moving in Church, so I may well be spending increasing amounts of time on video conferencing.

We decided at Bramford Road Church Council last week that we are going to start holding a Zoom Service on a Sunday morning at 11am which will be open to anybody at any of the Churches, the first service will be on Sunday 7th March.  This will mean that we will have services at Knodishall/Kelsale/Peasenhall at 10am and Elmsett, also 10am and now Bramford Road and Bramford at 11am we already publicise the links for KKP and Elmsett locally and will start to publish the link for the BRMC/B service in the notices.  Please contact me if you would like to join the services but don’t have a link, or if you are unsure how to use Zoom and I will help you.  Can I recommend that we hold off worshipping in person for just a little longer and see how the statistics progress during March, with a view to maybe opening around Easter.  

One final note.  Many of you will know David and Judy Read who worship at Bramford Road, Judy was a circuit steward when I first moved into the Ipswich Circuit and I personally valued her support and administrative skills, David has helped us in the circuit with his technical skills and his sound equipment. They are moving to Norwich during the coming couple of weeks and I’m sure that you will want to hold them in your prayers and wish them well.

I hope that you are all keeping well and look forward so much to seeing you in the not-too-distant future.  

With love and best wishes